Rambaldi Trophy

The 5th  Daniele Rambaldi  Trophy will be awarded to the first male and the first female of Junior/Under 23 Category in memory of “Big Daniele”. The choice was dictated by the natural predisposition to work with young people that Rambaldi always demonstrated. In fact among the projects held by the Secretary a prominent place was held by the idea of starting up a youth sports centre where boys and girls could learn to appreciate triathlon and the positive values of sport. This thinking is at the basis of the youth sector of the society. This is a way to remember the person that for years has been the driving force for Triathlon in our Region and a landmark in the National scene and, most of all a sincere, loyal and fatherly person.

Daniele Rambaldi si complimenta con Nadia Cortassa

Daniele Rambaldi is complimenting  Nadia Cortassa

Past Winners:

  • 2005 – Francesco Cucco
  • 2006 – Giulio Molinari – Anna Maria Mazzetti
  • 2007 – Giulio Molinari – Margie Santimaria
  • 2009 – Andrea De Franco – Carola Bonsignorio
  • 2011 – Eddy Papais – Giorgia Priarone
  • 2012 – Gregory Barnaby – Vittoria Pani
  • 2013 – Tommaso Crivellaro – Giorgia Priarone